Saturday, November 27, 2010


I just realized the full impact of being blind or deaf. To never know what a pillow looks like. To never hear your own voice. I feel sorry for ppl like that. Which brings me to my nxt sentence. Its getting hard to hear with my left ear. But thats apparently cuz I have an infection and I have a prescription. But i only hope its temporary.

IIIIIIIII completely dif topic

What is the purpose of life? It could very well be so that this blog was made, Or that some person out in the huge world could pick his nose, so he could wipe his booger on his jacket, which is stolen, and is passed down from generation to generation so that a little kid could find his booger and add his own piece of the collection.

IIIIIIII Completely df topic

Just something to mull over, you could be missing one of your five sense and pretty much never know. I mean, maybe the dumbest person that you think you know is actually the only 'normal' person, and the rest of us are abnormal. Anything is possible. Since there is no absolute answer to anything, why do we humans even try if we can never find out if our theory is true or not. Whats 1 + 1. 2, of course. HOW do we know that? who was the first person to say that 1 + 1 was two? Is he creditable?
And who in the world was the first to make cheese? So that person just took a milky white substance from a cows udder and made it into cheese? Why would he even 'milk' a cow if he doesn't know what milk was? Was he the first to say " I'm gonna drink whatever comes out of these things when I pull them'

IIIIIIIII ( you get what this means now)

How was language invented if they had to language to say that thy invented language?

IIIIIIIII Once more, a dif topic

Why does everyone trust scientists so much? I questioned as I worked on a Social Studies project o cave art and what the meaning of these were. But In my mind, I can't help but wonder, What if all these mysterious, ominous, cave paintings, were simply drawings by children? I mean, 1000 years from now, Living on a world where the ice caps have melted, and live in floating fortresses. ONe scientist finds a paper floating around. He picks it up, and yells in astonishment. They found a child's drawing, and suddenly that is how we lived or something. lets say the picture depicts a stick figure war. Will the Scientists from the future believe that there was a huge war that split the earth or some variation from that? Or It shows a Giant squashing a tank. Will they believe that giants existed?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Unusual abilities I would like to have.

1. To be able to swallow a stinkin medicine pill without gagging.
2. To be able to live in my memories. i.e going to an amusement park and saving those memories for ten years later, where you can just close your eyes and ride that one rollercoaster again. That would be an awesome ability to have when you are bored or when you want to cherish a special memory.
3.To be able to completely un-include myself from any fight between any 2 ppl( that aren't me). i.e Mom and Carl. I was the one that got the punishment since I couldn't help both and it ended up me being the one taking all the heat. Now Carl doesn't trust me and either does mom.
4. Immune to biting yourself on accident. I hate it when that happens and you can't get angry at anyone but yourself.
5. Being able to get a patent without going through any complications.
6. Being able to view each choice you have, and where it will take you.( so you can basically be immune to disease.)
7. Once more, for exaggeration, TO BE ABLE TO SWALOW A STINKING MEDICINE PILL.
8. To know what toes are for.
9. To have an interesting hobby.
10. To have an emotion that is only used for emergencies. So that ppl know when i'm deadly serious or scared.
11. TO never lose track of a thought.
12. To have all of the above.( or at least until i think of more.)


Regret is a powerful thing. It tears at you and keeps you up at night. You toss and turn because of it. It seeps through and gets and your heart, and when you can't take it back, you're screwed.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All About Me

All About Me

Let me give you a brief introduction of me and my family: I have three siblings, one of them is 18 and in college, and the other two are five years old and twins. My older brother goes to UC Berkeley and my 2 younger brothers are attending kindergarten at Meyerholz. I go to Miller Middle School, and like it there. I can rhyme things easily and I always think of great ideas for inventions. Both of my parents are engineers and they work hard to support our large family. I live in a two-story house and my favorite part of the house is my oldest brother’s room, since it’s filled with mysteries and I am normally allowed to go in his room. I have no pets, though my ideal pet would probably be a dog since it will get me outside more and not inside hunched over the computer all day long.

My favorite class is probably my elective, wheel, which consists of woodworking, art, musical appreciation, drama, and one other subject I can’t seem to recall. My favorite teacher is Mr. Arnold. Mr. Arnold is well… pretty much crazy (in the good way). He is VERY strict but is funny and does REALLY random things during class times. Such as showing us his black belt moves, being extremely loud, letting us play wii music, and making weird expressions as he teaches. He also has very unusual ways of teaching and rules. I wish I have him in the morning since I love the morning (as long as I got my sleep) because I like the temperature. Unlike afternoons, when the sun is scorching and I sweat bullets.

After school, I usually have volleyball practice and occasionally games against other teams. I have also joined the wrestling team and I have sent an application to the speech and debate team. I have art class, am planning on taking guitar lessons, I might do pottery if it fits my schedule, and I have a math class to review more advanced subjects. I favor Speech and Debate the best because I’m great at it. I have attended Speech and Debate sumer camp twice and won multiple awards. I mean, who likes something they aren’t good at? Isn’t that why during high school we only focus on our best subjects?

Normally, when I am bored, I usually call up some friends and we all meet at the park. We play this game called Noodle war. Basically everyone starts with a pool noodle and they start as foot soldiers. We spread out and then we basically try to get 10 hits on the opponents (total) When you get 10 hits on a single person or disarm them they join your army and are new recruits (they have to use the noodle with their opposite hand, and have less life). First person to get 10 gets a steed.

There are three forms of steeds: Pony/skateboard, Donkey/scooter, and finally, royal steed/bike. Then we just kind of attack each other and have fun. We have never finished a game before,because you kinda have to get the other three of us to become your soldiers and stay alive, but normally when the game is almost ending, it turns into a game of hide and seek tag, because the last person just stalls and runs away. To be the first person to win an entire game is pretty much the target of each and everyone of us. I can proudly say that I made the game up myself!

Hopefully, you now have some sort of general information about me and can understand me better.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Just last at night, I had a horrid nightmare, which involved natural catastrophes separating me from my family, no matter how hard I tried, I was always pushed back by some unseen force, which made be wonder, if in the dream, they were dead. And I woke up with tears on my face, to realize the full impact of deaths. It is not death itself, but the impact that person's death has on us. Imagine what is beyond death, I constantly do, praying dearly that there is a "life" after death. That there is an afterlife, but simply out souls are passed on to our next body, and our mind remains, leaving our former memories behind. But every single time I do, I always get and image of nothing. Pure darkness. No sound, no feeling whatsoever, I am unable to experience anything, because I have none of the five senses. Which is why, My only fear, is death. Not my actual death, but other people's deaths. People who I am close to, Families, Friends. All of my other fears, are all directly, or indirectly related to, death.When I grow up a bit more, I want to be, someone to affect the lives of people drastically, a/n educator, a teacher. Someone special in your life, so that when you are aging, and on your deathbed, you will reflect on your time with me and smile.

Monday, September 6, 2010


I remember that during my trip to china, we went to this place where you payed them 30 rmb and u could stay into this like natural hot spring for as long as u want, and the bonus was that there were fish living in there(small ones) that ate all the dirt and dead skin and stuff all over ur body. we saw this one dude with like 50 on each foot yet none on the rest of their body(the feet has more dirt than most of your other body parts i think). So we got in and it really tickled, they even nibbled at my fingers. During like the first hour i would yell whenever i got bit but after a while i got used to it( and i was going numb). When we got back to the hotel we were staying at i noticed my nails( both finger and toe) were like freed of the debris.